The perfect in-vehicle video and data-logging system

TRU4orce HD is our most robust and reliable video-data system ever.

TRU4orce HD supports both SD and USB recording, making offloading captured video quick and simple.

Capture vehicle data by connecting TRU4orce HD to the vehicles OBDII network.

TRU4orce HD Video-Data Loggers in Service
Hours of Video Captured
TB of Data Captured

TRU4orce Analyzer is our powerful video and data analysis software

View all camera angles, vehicle data channels and a GPS drawn map all on one simple to navigate screen with TRU4orce Analyzer.

TRU4orce Analyzer uses GoogleMaps to overlay satellite images and street name data on the GPS drawn map.

We are able to customize TRU4orce Analyzer to your requirements if you need specific data to be displayed graphically.

Subscription Free Software

Our powerful data analysis software TRU4orce Analyzer is free to download and free to use. Click on the button below to download your copy today and discover just how easy video data analysis can be.

Rugged 1080P HD Multi-Camera Video-Data Logger for Harsh Environments

Search and Rescue


Pipeline Inspection

Vehicle Testing

Airport Security

Border Patrol

Emergency Services

Theme Park Rides

Key Features

The TRU4orce HD system offers multi-camera, 1080P HD broadcast quality video, automatically synchronized with 20Hz GPS and additional OBDII/CAN vehicle data. TRU4orce systems have been used in many applications including: Fleet Monitoring, Vehicle Safety Testing, Border Patrol, Road/Runway/Railway Surface Inspection, Pipeline Inspection, Military, Marine, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Surveillance, Aviation and Industrial.

Waterproof IP67 Construction

Reliable, even when it’s raining cats and dogs.

Two 1080p HD Camera Inputs

Both cameras capture  video in 1920 x 1080 broadcast quality resolution.

20Hz GPS

GPS position and speed data is updated 20 times a second.

Supports up to 8 non-HD cameras

Optional module allows the connection of up to 8 non-HD cameras.

Automatic Operation

System capable of automatic boot and start/stop recording.

Capture Vehicle Data via OBDII

TRU4orce supports OBDII and CAN connections for capturing vehicle data.

Live Streaming Options

Live streaming option for real-time remote monitoring of assets.

Easy to use software

Our powerful data analysis software is very simple to use.

Talk to us about your project

We know that every project is different and has different requirements, which is why we encourage you to speak to us directly regarding your application so that we can help you to make the right decision on hardware.

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