TRU4orce HD Video-Logger


  • Supports two (2) 1080P HD cameras
  • 90° (standard) or 115° (wide) camera angles
  • Record up to 24 hours to high capacity SD or USB straight from the box
  • Automatically synchronized video and data
  • Retrieve video and data for instant review immediately
  • 20Hz GPS for accurate location and mapping data
  • 3-axis built-in accelerometers for accurate G force data
  • Built-in Gyro for accurate yaw, Roll and Pitch data
  • Optional OBDII and CAN data inputs
  • Optional analog and digital sensor inputs
  • Crystal clear audio allows you to hear every word
  • Rugged enclosure: IP-67 sealed, dustproof, heat tolerant
  • Built for extreme and harsh environments
  • Optional live data and video broadcast for real-time monitoring of assets from a remote location
  • Continuous loop recording for detailed review
  • Autonomous operation with auto-synced video & data and configurable start/stop/display criteria
  • Operator configurable incident logging, e.g. route, speed, braking, accel, engine data, etc
  • Supports removable SD cards up to 128GB offering many hours worth of recording
  • Software automatically overlays GPS data on Satellite Imagery
  • Automatic Start/Stop functions
  • Outputs multiplexed .MP4 file containing two streams encoded in H.264 format
  • Powered externally by 9-12v DC
  • Internal “keep alive” lithium battery to ensure no video loss on power supply failure
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TRU4orce HD features a rugged ABS housing. The unit is compact and has no moving parts during operation allowing it to reliably record, even when exposed to continual shock and vibration or extreme climate conditions.

The system features an onboard video multiplexer that enables two full resolution 1080P HD videos to be captured at the same time.